Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/159 (05-06)

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    • 60 days to supplement any outstanding periodic training (3)
      The new provisions of the 2.0 anti-crisis shield, which have been in force since April 18, 2020, were related to to the issue of OSH training. The legislator did not fully accept the solutions previously proposed by the Chief Labor Inspector. All periodic health and safety training was suspended and the option of online training was used, but not for all types of training.
  • Recipes with commentary
    • Absent employee of the OHS service due to the status of the epidemic or the state of emergency (4)
      Both the state of epidemic threat and the state of epidemics have a significant impact on work processes. During these special periods, the duties of OSH employees should be carried out with particular care, but also with caution. The problem may arise when, due to circumstances resulting from the epidemic or emergency situation, the workplace will be deprived of an employee or employees of the OSH service.
    • Record about reduction of working time in the anti-crisis shield - expert explains (5)
      What exactly does the provision in the anti-crisis shield mean that an entrepreneur can reduce working time by 20%, not more than 0.5 time? Can it be understood that, for example, a full-time employee, the maximum reduction in working time is exactly 20%? According to this provision of the Act, can the working time for a full-time employee be reduced by 30% or 40% if he has at least a part-time job?
  • Court case law
    • Work and protective clothing compulsory for employees (6)
      Performing work outside the workplace and not changing clothes by employees before starting work does not release the employer from the obligation to provide them with work or protective clothing. In this article, we discuss a case where the employer did not take into account that his employees may be exposed to adverse weather conditions at different times of the year. Thus, he did not provide employees with personal protective equipment, protecting them against cold and rain. In addition, he incorrectly claimed that employees (couriers) do not require this type of protective measures, the purchase of which would additionally burden the company's budget. What do administrative courts say?
  • Subject of the issue
    • OHS training of persons under civil contracts - practical doubts and the role of SIP and PIP (8)
  • Checklist
    • General hazards at the workplace (11)
      When checking working conditions, pay attention to, among others general and basic threats that may occur at any workplace. Certainly, this task will be facilitated by a prepared checklist. Thanks to it, you can quickly and efficiently check the risks associated with the basic equipment of almost any workplace.
  • Health and safety training - questions and answers
    • Can an employee refuse to attend OSH training after working hours (12)
      The employee should not refuse to take part in health and safety training after work on a non-working day. In this situation, for the duration of training, the employer should grant a different day off or pay remuneration as for overtime work.
  • First aid
    • Correct management of suspected head and spine injuries (13)
      Given the applicable regulations, everyone should know how to save people who are in a state of danger to life and health. But it is not just the regulations that should lead us to this. Sometimes, by giving first aid tips over the phone, someone saved the life of a person waiting for an ambulance.
  • Working conditions
    • Uniform lighting for administrative and office positions (16)
      There are situations when the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate during the inspection issues a recommendation to check the uniformity of lighting in addition to lighting intensity measurements. How to calculate it?
    • Exercises in the field of trial evacuation during epidemics (17)
      In the current situation (the state of the coronavirus-induced epidemic), is it mandatory to perform mandatory exercises in the field of trial evacuation? What precautions should you take to protect your employees as much as possible?
    • Signature under the OHS instructions at the workplace (18)
      Does the OSH instructions regarding office equipment, e.g. shredders, photocopiers or printers in the office have to be signed by the employer? Should the signature be made by the director or, for example, the head of the department?
    • Number of employees simultaneously on scaffolding (19)
      How many people can work on scaffolding or landing at the same time? What documentation is required for the scaffolding being built and carrying out work on it?
    • Work safety in manufacturing companies (20)
      In the current epidemic situation, remote work organization is recommended. However, it is difficult to imagine production workers who will perform their duties from home. How to ensure their safety in the workplace?

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