Promotor BHP (Health and safety promoter) 2019/05

The theme of the issue is safety in construction - hazards at work at heights. In it you can read about: unreliable scaffolding being the cause of falling from height, 10 safe steps in construction, measures to protect health and life of workers at the construction site, financing first aid tasks, using modern technology in the welding process, occupational risk assessment as a carpenter.

  • The topic of the number
    • Incorrect scaffolding causing fall from height (8)
      Scaffoldings, although they are temporary constructions, constitute an extremely important link in the entire construction process. They are the workplace of many people. Why, then, so often the construction managers belittle their safe assembly?
    • "High" security level (18)
      Work at heights is particularly difficult and dangerous. By following a few fundamental principles, however, we can reduce the risk to a minimum. In the article we introduce these rules and encourage you to share this knowledge with others.
  • Work safety
    • Hazards and measures to protect the health and life of workers at the construction site (24)
      An effective way to reduce the adverse impact of work environment factors on a construction worker is to apply appropriate collective and individual protection measures. Employers must take care of them.
    • The use of modern technology in the welding process. Traditional laser welding station (32)
      Full robotisation and installation of a welder's work station can eliminate many hazards arising in the welding process. We convince you that it is worth investing in new technology, combined with modern security methods.
  • Risk assessment
    • Occupational risk assessment as a carpenter (38)
      A worker who performs joinery works on wood and wood-derivative materials using various types of machines and tools. Many hazards are waiting for a carpenter in his workplace, especially as some dust can affect the growth of cancer cells.
  • First aid
    • How to finance first aid tasks? (46)
      There are several proven ways to finance first aid tasks. More and more companies are proposing new solutions in order to maintain all the elements of first aid in full efficiency. One of them is the subscription model.
  • Ergonomics
    • Ergonomics of office works (52)
      Working in the office, no matter what its nature, is a sitting job. Excessively long work can have a negative impact on the health of the person employed and contribute to the occurrence of many ailments.
  • Law
    • Legal basis of the employer's liability (58)
      An employer may be fined for 1000 to 30,000 PLN for violation of employee rights. The article presents the types of responsibility of superiors and the consequences of the offenses committed by them.
    • New health and safety regulations for cranes (61)
      On 16 February 2019 new health and safety regulations came into force when handling tower cranes and quick-assembly cranes. The main purpose of the long-awaited regulation is first of all to provide crane operators with safe working conditions.
  • Events
    • 19 edition of the Occupational Health and Safety Fair in Katowice (64)
      Behind us is the 19th edition of the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Trade Fair and Fire Protection. This year's event took place on April 2-4 at the Katowice International Congress Center.
    • Get specialized knowledge (68)
      Introduce modern solutions in the field of automation in your company. You do not know how? Visit the next Technical Conferences organized by Axon Media and use the knowledge of specialists!

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