Wiadomości PKN - Normalizacja (PKN News - Normalization) 2019/04

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    • Economic Forum TIME (5)
      On 4-5 March, the Economic Forum "Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Electronics" organized under the slogan "5G networks for industry 4.0" took place in Warsaw. The forum was attended by representatives of the government and state offices as well as European and international organizations involved in digitization and telecommunications, as well as representatives of business and industry associations.
    • At the beginning there were ... terminology (8)
      The IEC/TC 1 Technical Committee is the earliest committee in the history of IEC, which plays an extremely important role in maintaining the International Electrotechnic Dictionary also known as Electropedia.
    • DIN-TERM database (11)
      The basic advantage of using terminological databases is the possibility of maintaining consistency in the area of specialized vocabulary. And the ability to determine how to translate a given term from a foreign language to avoid error and ambiguity is unpredictable. The purpose of DIN-TERM is to provide terminology resources not only to people who develop standards, but also to other groups of users, eg editors and translators, companies involved in international activities, engineers, patent attorneys, as well as national and international institutions that deal with the creation of regulations technical.
    • Testing the authenticity of food (12)
      Most of the conscious customers before buying a food product, checks its composition, which must be placed by the manufacturer on the packaging. unfortunately, the declaration provided by the manufacturer on the label and packaging is not always in accordance with the actual state. Almost every year, various abuses appear due to the improper composition of food.
  • From standardization work
    • Techniques, test levels and assessment of welds in accordance with PN-EN ISO 17640: 2019-01 (14)
      During the design and execution of steel structures, a particularly important role is attributed to correctly made welded joints. Weld testing is one of the most important areas of application of non-destructive methods.
    • KT 210 for Industrial Valves and Industrial Pipelines (16)
      In January 2019, two parts of the four-part PN-EN 12516 standard were published in the English language version. Industrial fittings - Housing strength. The standard applies to the design of metal housings for industrial fittings. It specifies the methods for determining the wall thickness of steel armature casings according to tables and calculations. Both methods are based on different assumptions and the results of the analysis differ in detail, however, both are a safe and proven way of designing pressure fittings elements of fittings.
    • TC 33 for Powder Metallurgy (17)
      Permeability is the ability of a porous metallic material to pass a pressure-induced fluid. On December 12, 2018, the English language version of PN-EN ISO 4022: 201812 was published - Permeable sintered metallic materials - Determination of fluid permeability. This standard is the introduction of EN ISO 4506:2018, which was developed by the Technical Committee ISO/TC 119 in cooperation with CEN/SS M11. The standard specifies the method for determining the permeability of porous sinters of metallic materials by means of fluids in which the porosity is deliberately continuous or interconnects, and the test is carried out in such conditions that the fluid permeability can be expressed in the form of transmission coefficients for viscous flow and flow inertial.
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