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    • Changes to health and safety regulations in electroplating processes (3)
      In mid-October, changes to the regulation on occupational health and safety in electroplating processes entered into force. The reason for developing the amending regulation was the vagueness and inadequacy of some provisions to the actual conditions and production requirements existing in electroplating processes. What exactly has changed?
    • There will be a new driving license category B+ (4)
      The European Parliament wants to divide the category B driving license into two separate categories. Two categories are to be created: one allowing to drive vehicles weighing up to 1.8 tons and a category B+ driving license allowing driving vehicles weighing from 1.8 to 3.5 tons. European transport organizations are strongly against this. Why?
  • Questions & Answers
    • At what distance from the building can pallets be stored? (5)
      Wooden pallets are not classified as fire hazardous materials. Therefore, they can be stored even in the immediate vicinity of the wall, provided that the conditions specified in § 4 section 4 of the regulation on fire protection of buildings, other structures and areas.
    • When to use healthcare footwear (5)
    • When do periodic tests expire (6)
    • Does each H marking mean that a substance should be entered in the register (6)
      Information on whether a chemical substance or its mixture has been classified as hazardous is included in point 2.1 of the safety data sheet: "Classification of the substance or its mixture".
    • In what form should a register of factors harmful to health be kept (7)
      Registers can be kept in paper or electronic version. Both forms are correct.
  • Accidents at work
    • Tick bite - it is necessary to report the incident immediately (8)
      A tick bite while performing activities related to official duties or at work may be considered an accident at work. In the event of a tick-borne disease (Lyme disease or encephalitis), the employee may apply for an occupational disease certificate. In practice, however, the assessment of a tick bite as the nature of the injury may be ambiguous. It will be important to determine the moment at which the injured party reports the incident to his or her superior.
  • Theme of the issue
    • Automotive electromechanic - hazard identification in risk assessment (10)
      Identification of hazards is a basic element of occupational risk assessment. The correctness of the entire assessment process depends on it. The article presents the identification and characteristics of work environment factors in the position of an automotive electromechanic. The summary will be particularly useful when preparing a risk assessment using the RISK SCORE method.
  • Social Labor Inspectorate
    • Application for carrying out tests and measurements as the task of a social labor inspector (14)
      The direct tasks and powers of company trade union organizations overlap with those carried out by social labor inspectors. This is due to the fact that the company's trade union organization manages the work of the social inspection. The same applies to the right of a company trade union to request the employer to conduct tests in a situation where there is a threat to life or health.
  • Szkolenia BHP – eksperci odpowiadają
    • Can the examination committee consist of one person (16)
      The obligations of the organizer of occupational health and safety training are specified in the training regulation. However, the regulations do not regulate the composition of the examination committee.
    • Can general instruction be conducted remotely (16)
      The regulations do not authorize the employer to conduct general training using the self-directed method for any group of employees employed on a stationary basis.
    • What percentage of correct answers passes the test at the end of the training (17)
      It is up to the training organizer to determine the threshold for passing the periodic occupational health and safety training exam.
    • Can the training card be signed remotely (17)
      In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code regarding remote work, initial training in the field of occupational health and safety of a person recruited for an administrative and office position may be conducted entirely via electronic means of communication.
    • Who can conduct periodic training for employers (18)
      Pursuant to the Regulation on training in the field of occupational health and safety, the organizer of occupational health and safety training may be the employer or, at the employer's request, an organizational unit conducting occupational health and safety training activities.
  • Employer's rights and obligations
    • When trade unions start operating in the plant (19)
      Mutual relations between the employer and the company's trade union organization are regulated in particular by the Trade Union Act. In a situation where there was previously an employee representation in the plant, and trade union organizations have now been established, it should be assumed that such organizations elect their representatives to company bodies. To take into account mutual relations, including the obligation towards trade unions, the employer should determine whether the company organization has the status of a company organization. What else must the employer pay attention to?
  • Court decisions
    • Sickness allowance for students under 26 years of age (20)
      A pupil or student up to 26 years of age employed on the basis of a mandate contract cannot be registered for voluntary sickness insurance because he or she is not subject to compulsory pension and disability insurance (as a contractor). Only in the case of such compulsory insurance is it permissible to apply for voluntary sickness insurance (upon application).
  • Working conditions
    • Contractual agreement and health and safety issues (21)
      Employing employees on the basis of a civil law contract is a common practice. However, this form raises many doubts regarding the application of labor law provisions to contract workers, especially in the field of occupational health and safety training, occupational health and safety instructions and risk assessment. Can a contract employee - subcontractor - refuse to read the instructions or occupational risk assessment and rely on his own activity?
    • Already 40% of employees and employers are stressed at work (22)
      By 2030, depression will be the most common disease in the world. At the same time, according to the report of the Safe at Work Coalition "Employee well-being, i.e. well-being at work", nearly 40% of employees and employers are stressed at work often or every day. It may affect employees' health problems and absenteeism at work, and as a result, generate high costs for the employee and the employer.
  • Occupational health and safety instructions
    • Occupational health and safety instructions for operating a generator (combustion generator) (24)

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