• Accidents at work (3)
    Chapter VII of Section Ten, Occupational Health and Safety, of the Labor Code, hereinafter referred to as the Labor Code, is entitled Accidents at work and occupational diseases. Despite this, the Labor Code does not contain a definition of an accident at work. The currently applicable definition of an accident at work is contained in the Act of October 30, 2002 on social insurance in respect of accidents at work and occupational diseases, hereinafter referred to as the Accident Act.
  • Post-accident team – appointment and composition (5)
    The circumstances and causes of the accident are determined by the post-accident team appointed by the employer (§ 4 of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of July 1, 2009 on determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work).
  • Legal doubts (7)
    The legal definition of an accident at work includes the concepts: suddenness of the accident event, external cause of the accident event causing injury or death, connection with work. Due to the lack of a legal definition of these concepts, the directions of interpretation in this area were not always uniform - primarily in court jurisprudence.
  • Relationship with work in jurisprudence (12)
    The connection between an accident and work should be considered in terms of the unity of the place and time of work, obligations arising from or related to the concluded contractual relationship and the accident event.
  • Accidents on the way to or from work (14)
    For an accident on the way to or from work, in accordance with Art. 57b. 1 of the Act of 17 December 1998 on pensions and annuities from the Social Insurance Fund, a sudden event caused by an external cause, which occurred on the way to or from the place of employment or other activity constituting disability insurance, is considered to be a sudden event, if this route was the shortest and did not was interrupted. However, it is considered that the accident occurred on the way to or from work, even though the route was interrupted, if the interruption was justified by life and its duration did not exceed the limits of necessity, and if the route, not being the shortest route, was for the insured person, for reasons communication, the most convenient.

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