• Subject of the issue: Problematic questions about BDO
    The database on waste (hereinafter: BDO) still arouses great controversy and doubts among its users. What problems are they facing?
  • Do you have an allotment garden? You can get additional funds for it
    Owners of family allotments (ROD) will receive EU support for increasing green areas as well as ecological measures reducing noise and air pollution and protecting animals.
  • Old resolutions on fees for waste expire
    on June 30, 2022, all resolutions on rates for containers or bags that were adopted before January 1, 2022, i.e. before the entry into force of the Act of August 11, 2021 on the amendment to the Act on maintenance, expire cleanliness and order in municipalities, the Environmental Protection Law and the Waste Act.
  • Changes in CO2 emission limits from road transport
    It is planned to introduce stricter CO2 emission limits for passenger cars and vans, thus achieving zero emissions on the roads by 2035. What are the detailed plans in this regard?
  • Electromobility in Poland - challenges, plans and problems
    One of the main challenges related to electromobility in Poland is the need to create clean transport zones. What other problems are associated with it? You can read about it in the article.
  • Program for counteracting water scarcity
    In the third quarter, the government wants to adopt a program for counteracting water scarcity for the years 2022–2027 with an outlook until 2030. What will it include?
  • Installation of a tent hall and an environmental decision
    Question: We are planning an investment in the form of a 20 × 30 m tent hall, which is approximately 600 m2 (building area approximately 1,200 m2) - warehouse use. Does such an investment require a decision on environmental conditions (hereinafter: duś)? What other requirements do we need to take into account?
  • Exceeding the amount of waste generated in the permit
    Question: In preparing the waste report this year, I noticed that we exceeded the amount of one of the generated waste that we have included in the decision. This waste is not directly related to the installation (code 15 01 01 packaging made of paper and cardboard) and in fact it did not have to be included in the decision. The decision is valid until 2025 - what should I do to avoid a possible penalty for this violation?
  • Battery management rules
    Question: What to do with old batteries left by customers who have bought new ones? Are they handing them over somewhere or selling them in a purchasing center? Do I need any document from the host?
  • MBP of Waste and the National Pollutant Release and Transfer Register
    Question: In connection with the regulation on data covered by the National Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (hereinafter: PRTR), I have a question regarding production volume data, which were previously optional. The volume of production for the mechanical-biological treatment plant (hereinafter: MBP) of waste is the amount of processed or generated waste? Is a production company that produces plastic elements (some of them are painted / varnished) and produces more than 2 Mg of hazardous waste annually, which is handed over to entities for management, subject to PRTR?
  • Filling in the GAP after the change in the calculation of the mass of waste
    In early 2022, the calculation of the mass of packaging waste recycled, which must be included in the GAP documents, changed. According to the new regulations, the mass should be given after subtracting the mass of impurities. However, the document templates remained unchanged - how to fill them in?
  • Plastics - do you have to register them in SENT
    From February 22, 2022, the transport and import of waste to Poland is subject to registration in the Electronic Transport Supervision System (hereinafter: SENT). Does this also apply to plastics (e.g. PVC powders etc.)? Find out in the article.
  • Assumptions of the draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law regarding noise
    The draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law aims to implement the EU requirements for protection against noise into Polish law by transposing the provisions of EU Commission Directives 2021/1226 and 2020/367.
  • Can hearing protectors be used prophylactically
    If there is a presumption that working with the machine may cause the noise level (85 dB) to be exceeded, can the employer preventively order employees to use hearing protectors, or is it necessary to perform noise measurements to impose such an obligation? You will find the answer in the text.

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