Inspektor Pracy 2018/03

  • In the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (3)
    • On prevention at the Labor Protection Council
    • Dangerous work of a woodcutter
  • News not only from the country (4)
    • Limiting trade on Sundays
    • Social Dialogue Council on vocational education
    • For those who are working in Norway
    • About individual factors
    • About Polish employees in the Netherlands
    • Diplomas for micro-entrepreneurs
    • Training of saws
    • On problems in delegating
  • At the conference "Europe of the Carpathians" (6)
    Chief Labor Inspector Wiesław Łyszczek and the head of the Rzeszów district of the National Labor Inspectorate Barbara Kiełt on 17 February 2018 took part in the jubilee, 20th edition of the conference "Europe of the Carpathians" organized in Przemyśl on the initiative of and under the patronage of the Speaker of the Polish Parliament Marek Kuchciński.
  • From the funeral card (6)
  • How is it done in Ireland? (7)
    On several occasions in the Labor Inspector there were reports from study visits of labor inspectors to twin offices in other countries, but they were not often first-hand relations. The presented text was created after over two years of the author's work as an inspector at the Irish Office for Health and Safety.
  • Changes in the employment of temporary employees (10)
    Far-reaching changes in the employment of temporary workers were introduced by the Act of 7 April 2017 amending the act on the employment of temporary workers and certain other acts, which entered into force on June 1, 2017.
  • Jurisprudence (16)
    • First leave, then release from duties
    • The dismissal from the obligation to perform work does not mean that the employer can not send the employee on vacation leave during the period of notice
  • On safety from a historical perspective (18)
  • Military service and protection of employment (20)
    In the case of appointing an employee for basic military service, periodic military service or OT, the employer should pay him a severance pay in the amount of a two-week remuneration calculated in accordance with the rules set for determining the equivalent for holiday leave
  • Accidents on farms (26)
    If we take into account the percentage share of victims with fatal and serious consequences in the total number of victims in accidents at work (according to the Central Statistical Office for 2016), it turns out that agriculture (without individual farming) is a branch of the economy in which fatal accidents occur and heavy as often as in mining and more often than in industrial plants.
  • From the archives of the "Labor Inspector" (30)
  • How to carry out visits (30)
  • Court Chronicle (31)
  • About unlicensed rights (32)
    Consistent work of the labor inspector led to the punishment of a dishonest doctor who despite the lack of qualifications issued a certificate of absence of contraindications to work at the positions indicated in referrals for research.
  • Library (35)
  • A tragedy could be prevented (36)
    Incorrect work organization has led to the electric arson of an employee of a company providing services in the field of operation of electrical power equipment.